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Our Partners have had extensive experience in and are still presently entrusted with handling a myriad of legal matters such as banking and corporate litigation, loan and security documentation for many financial institutions. We are also experienced in the preparation and completion of both bridging and end-financing documentation. Several Corporations and Associations have retained our Partners as advisors or as Corporate Solicitors. We have also affiliated ourselves closely with key industry consultant companies in areas of Information Technology and Sports, Fitness, Leisure & Media Management. Presently, we are prepared to undertake a wide variety of legal works, with our expertise primarily in the following areas:

Corporate Work

Dealings with incorporation of companies, sale & purchase of shares, mergers and acquisitions, takeovers, joint ventures, winding up, legal advisory and general corporate litigation.

Technology & Media

Contractual work in this lesser known area with emphasis on telecommunication system provider agreements, broadband satellite system reseller agreements, media broadcasting agreements and other licensing related matters; entertainment agency and content provider contracts and other media related matters.

Leisure & Sport

Advisory and policy determination in issues of Occupational Health and Safety, Environment Law, Sports Law, legalities of events management, entertainment and tourism law contractual matters

Intellectual Property

General advising and conduct of trademark and patent registration, copyright law and information technology laws; intellectual property and digital rights management, legal management of internal e-commerce regulatory controls, information security, electronic media use policy drafting, technical outsourcing, web and software development and web hosting agreements and other related contracts.

Real Estate

Loan documentation especially bank security documents of various kinds, real property sale & purchase, transfer and lease agreements.

Dispute Resolution

Civil and general debt collection matters especially banking, corporate and trust litigation and family law matters.

Trust & Family Law

Drafting of wills, general advice on grant of probate & administration, trusts appointment of trustees

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