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  • Bachelor of Arts & Bachelors of Law (B.A./LL.B.) at University of Tasmania, Australia. [B.A. major in Administration, History and Labour Management Relations] 1991-1993

  • Called to the Malaysian Bar, 28th April 1995


  • Reading in chambers under Mr. Wong Sai Heng at M/s Presgrave & Matthews, 1994-1995

  • Legal Assistant at M/s Presgrave & Matthews, 1995-1999

  • Partner at M/s Cheong & Oon, 1999-2001

  • Senior Partner at M/s Cheong, De Vries & Co., 2001-2009

  • Managing Partner at M/s Cheong De Vries & Co., 2009 - present



  • Variety of litigation and corporate work which includes matters regarding admiralty, intellectual property, labour law, insurance-related claims and litigation, general debt collection litigation and others;

  • Personal portfolio of banking litigation with specific experience in conduct of litigation and legal advising for:

    • Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang which gave her further insight into legal aspects of Local Government practice and specific aspects of corporate litigation;​

    • RHB Bank Berhad (Regional Loan Centre), Pacific Bank Berhad, Hong Leong Finance Berhad and various other financial institutions having sole conduct of the client’s debt collection and litigation matters; and

    • Boustead Trading, Copthorne Hotel and other corporations, handling non-banking corporate litigation.

  • Handling of general conveyancing and commercial matters.

  • Well experienced in the area of family law and succession law.

  • Highly competent in the area of Media, Leisure & Tourism Industry Law



Mr. Chan specialised in internet law, intellectual property, commercial real property, company law, and commercial law for his law degree and subsequently in employment law and judicial review for his Bar Vocational Course (BVC) in London. Mr. Chan also developed his special interests and knowledge in the area of Trusts and Estate throughout his years of legal practice and teaching experience.


Mr. Chan actively involved in civil litigation and has been handling many cases ranging from debt collection, estate & land disputes, to trust and corporate litigation. In addition to his active appearances in the Courts of Malaysia, with his extensive experience in litigation, Mr. Chan also provides practical advice and consultation to the clients.


Mr. Chan is the only lawyer with qualifications in the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) in Penang in year 2012/2013.


  • Bachelors of Law (LLB (Hons)) at the University of Liverpool in year 2001-2004

  • Barrister-in-Law, Middle Temple, 2006 at BPP Law School, London

  • Called to the Malaysian Bar, December 2007


  • Generalist Advisor in one of the largest charitable organisations in the United Kingdom, the Citizens Advice Bureau, 2004-2006

  • Reading in chambers under Mr. T. Tharumarajah at M/s T. Tharuma & Associates, 2006-2007

  • Legal Assistant at M/s Lim Kean Siew & Co., 2007-2009

  • Part Time Lecturer at College PTPL in Law of Trust (LLB) and Criminal Law (LLB), 2010-2012

  • Partner at M/s Cheong, De Vries & Co., Sept 2009-present



  • Civil, Corporate and Trust Litigation.


We enjoy close affiliation and good working relationships with a few consultant companies, which we encourage, so that we are able to give to our clientele fully, all-round service with respect to their needs in this modern age of technology and globalisation. These key corporations are experienced, dynamic and progressive in their respective fields. We seek to instill a sense of confidence in our clientele when dealing with us and enhance their overall experience. No reputable legal firm can safely say that they are capable of everything; as such, we are certain that the pooling of specialised expertise in this manner is the direction of the future.

  • Advanz Fidelis Sdn. Bhd. – consultants in Intellectual Property

  • De Vries Associates Sdn. Bhd. – consultants in Sports, Fitness & Leisure Management

  • Sequantia Consultancy - consultants in Compliance & Risk Management

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